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Leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment

CVA is successfully installing diagnostic equipment for light and heavy vehicles in Technical Verification Plants, car dealerships, specialized damping and rubber shops in Argentina and worldwide.


About us

About CVA

CVA is a manufacturer of equipment for vehicle diagnosis. Through a long-standing work in the sector, and a continuous presence in the market traveling the country and the world in all directions with the participation in sectorial exhibitions and numerous promotional actions, CVA was able to position itself as the leading company in the sector in our country, with more than 15 years of experience in the market and with exports to all America and Europe.

CVA is successfully installing diagnostic equipment for light and heavy vehicles in Technical Verification Plants, car dealerships, specialized damping and rubber shops in Argentina and worldwide.

The countries of the European Union have implemented official technical verification systems for both light vehicles and heavy vehicles for several years. This experience was turned into a similar initiative in Argentina with the creation of an official entity in 1992, called the National Executive Transport Consultant (CENT). This agency made a call of national scope for the organization of a network of workshops for the technical inspection of cargo and passenger vehicles, as well as the province of Buenos Aires and Córdoba.

Control Vehicular Argentino SA., Due to his experience in equipment of mechanical workshops, In this character he was one of the technical advisors of the CENT at the stage of his organization and then equipment supplier and one of the collaborators for the implementation of 70 technical inspection plants, out of a total of 100 throughout the country.

To implement the installation of these plants, he had to make numerous trips to Europe from 1994; To this was added a stay in Germany, Spain and other members of the European Union where he revealed the characteristics of the technical inspection systems of those countries. During this experience he encountered countless design problems in the equipment used in those countries, which caused serious and costly maintenance problems.

These same problems appeared in our country when the imported machines began to be used, which led the technician to introduce changes and improvements in them to solve the problems that users detected.

As a natural consequence of addressing this problem, the initiative arose to develop a team of national origin that, fulfilling the same functions as imported systems, has a lower price, ensures better performance and works with a lower maintenance cost. To carry it out CVA S.A. It was based on the experience gained during the development of alignment, suspension and braking diagnostic equipment for light vehicles.

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  • Advantage

    In the last three years there was a very good performance of the installed equipment base, in relation to mechanical or electronic failures. Very easy to use equipment; The maintenance, calibration and repair of the equipment is easy to interpret. Excellent electronic architecture; The software and hardware are of our own design. Easy interpretation of graphics, intuitive operation of all the functions of the equipment by means of a mouse on buttons on the screen, without the need for keys.

    The user-machine interface is PC-compatible, and the PC can be repaired anywhere in the world. Permanent software update for free. The technological solutions found by CVA for customer technical problems are innovative, adapted to developing countries, and enable solid, reliable and low-cost operational equipment.

  • Recognition

    For the development of diagnostic equipment for heavy vehicles, Argentine Vehicular Control obtained the support of FONTAR, Argentine Technological Fund, belonging to the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion. This support was materialized through a project in the 2000 call for the Non-Refundable Contributions promotion instrument, which was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.

    Due to the success achieved through this project, CVA S.A. She was awarded as Inventor and Argentine Developer by the Presidency of the Nation, in an act held in the White Room of the Government House, together with a group of innovative companies.

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  • International Customers

    CVA has exported these diagnostic equipment for light and heavy vehicles to a total of 27 countries, most of them in Latin America, but also to the demanding markets of the USA: Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France and Germany. Thanks to a strategic alliance with Monroe, an American company that belongs to the giant autopartist Tenneco.

    Monroe is the recognized world leading brand in cushioning and has chosen CVA to equip its service centers in North America. CVA has also exported diagnostic equipment to other Latin American countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru Ecuador, Brazil, Belize, etc.

    Based on this export experience, its strategic alliances with large international companies such as Monroe - Tenneco, Baisbarth, Bosch, Magneti mareli, Toyota, Ford, Peugeot, and the strong links generated with its customers, CVA is constantly designing new development to leave to our Argentina in an important place in the international competition of the manufacture of equipment for the diagnosis and automotive services.


Our philosophy.

In Argentine Vehicular Control we believe that the human factor is an essential component.

Training is our main tool to generate a dialogue with the client, creating a powerful sales generator.

This mission will guide us towards the achievement of our objectives. The emphasis on superior quality means striving for excellence in technology, products and services and in all our activities. We share community values, and work to improve people's quality of life.

This philosophy sets the stage for everything we do. The credibility we have gained in the market makes us proud of our company. This encourages us to surpass ourselves and exceed the highest expectations of the end users and users of our products.

We gain credibility with products and services that make life easier, comfortable and safe. The best way to prove it is action. This makes us proud of our Company, of our products and of ourselves. Only when that pride motivates us to be better can we continue to affirm our credibility.


Since our beginnings.


Our beginning

Technology, a product of the united man, led Constantino Abella, a lover of mechanics, to move from the distribution of imported machines, to the design and manufacture of own machines. Currently, it provides vehicle technical inspection plants worldwide.



The FricRot Monroe - CVA alliance is consolidated, thus promoting the AutOk service network: guarantee network in suspension diagnosis.
The first international sales begin in countries such as Brazil, Paraguay and Ecuador.
The Conventional Suspension Bank is being sold.


FRIC-ROT Monroe expands the AutOk services network, with more than 60 centers throughout the country, and continues to incorporate countries such as Uruguay, Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica. Monroe inaugurates a new training center for Latin America in Rosario.


Fric-Rot Monroedevelops together a conventional suspension analysis bank, to promote its customers nationwide. The first sales of the heavy line begin..
Comienzan las primeras ventas de la línea de pesados.
The company MONSA acquires our products to implement control in its fleet of buses of line 60.


National Executive Transportation Consultant

After the 2001 crisis, CVA begins to provide equipment and maintenance to the CENT workshops (technical review plants) throughout the country.
Marketing actions are carried out in all sectors related to automotive diagnostics, such as rubber, specialized workshops.
Sales are increasing in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela and El Salvador.


International exhibitions
Participation in international exhibitions begins. Tenneco México - CVA is growing year after year by the development of the Night Hawk line in Celaya, Mexico, easy to use and assemble, without the need for ramps or civil works and easy transportation. It is installed in more than 25 customers and training courses are given for maintenance, service and sales techniques. The Mobile Suspension Bank in Mexico is strengthened through the Andellac Convention.
The sale of auto parts is favored. Tenneco USA and CVA present their new tool to 200 representatives of NAPA, a leader in the auto parts industry. From there, NAPA is willing to help its affiliates choose this new way to provide services to their customers.
Campaigns are carried out in the United States and Canada.
CVA participates in Automechanika 2002.


In the United States, MIDAS begins to be provided.
The prestigious self-service chain, Canadian Tire, evolves with CVA to offer its customers the most advanced services.



CVA participates in Automechanika 2004.
Dietrich Volkswagen buys its Conventional Light Line. This concessionaire manages to triple its sales of services and spare parts in just 3 months, providing a reliable diagnosis in writing and loyalty to its customers.



CVA launches the EVOLUTION 3 line, a mobile line that improves existing technology, without the need for civil works for its installation. From this, commercial actions are consolidated with Tenneco Latin America and Tenneco USA.
Sales begin to large automakers.


Toyota acquires its first Evolution 3 line. A campaign begins with the launch of “Express Maintenance for your New Toyota Hilux”. Toyota is equipped in 6 dealers.
Ford Argentina acquires its first line. They carry out a National Campaign for 4 years, closing a direct sale contract, being CVA part number in the Ford Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns begin from 2006 to 2011. In Pinamar, more than 150,000 Ford users check their vehicle on summer vacations.
At Automechanika 2006, companies such as Bosch and KYB, an international shock absorber company, showed their interest in the new mobile lines.


Europe and the world

CVA is invited to the facilities of Beissebarth, a member of the Bosch group in Germany.
Tenneco Europa consolidates shares with CVA in Belgium and France, acquiring two state-of-the-art Extra Low Suspension Banks.
Together with KYB, alliances are closed in several countries, including Peru with Renusa, Jamaica with Bert’s Autoparts, Costa Rica with Flash Car and Rapco, Castrol distributor for Latin America.


CVA exhibits at Automechanika 2008.
In Bolivia, Petrovisa begins to distribute our products.
Grupo Loyga Mexico buys its Evolution 3 Line, installs it remotely, equipping it in the same way as the rest of the customers in Latin America.
Training courses continue to train exclusive technicians for the machine. Monroe Mexico provides already trained technicians for the installation of the machines in that country.


CVA participates in the Automechanika 2010 exhibition, in Frankfurt, Germany.
CVA participa en la exposición Automechanika 2CVA participates in the Automechanika 2010 exhibition, in La Rural.
ACA incorporates CVA equipment in Mar del Plata, Punta Mogotes, for its ACA Check Service Center.


Volkswagen carries out Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns. In Pinamar, Mar del Plata and Córdoba, more than 50,000 Volkswagen users checked their vehicle on summer vacations.


CVA participates in the Automechanika 2012 exhibition.
CVA present in Tecnópolis, together with INTI.


Campaign: "Check your Ford before the holidays". At the Hipódromo de Buenos Aires and Villa Carlos Paz (Córdoba), more than 150,000 Ford users checked their vehicle on vacation.
MONTIRONI joined the campaigns making thousands of checks to Ford users in the Province of Córdoba.
In 2013, around 1000 vehicles passed through the CVA test streets in Tecnópolis.


CVA participates in the exhibition Automechanika 2014.
The production of the Motorcycle Line is carried out.


Certification is obtained under ISO 9001: 2008.
Rosario Bus is contacted, Rosario Passenger Transportation company.
The INTI Technical Aptitude is obtained.
The Road Safety Day is held at the Vicente López Coastal Road, the mobile CVA test lines were present diagnosing the condition of the vehicles.


CVA participates in the Automechanika 2016 exhibition.
Installation of equipment in different concessionaires nationwide.
In Gabriel's test laboratory located in the city of Detroit, a team consisting of Alignment to Step, Suspension Bank and Frenometer is installed. It was acquired for the durability tests of the dampers and brake components manufactured by the firm.


Production of the Final Motorcycle Line OK for Motomel is carried out.
The INTI technical proficiency certificate is renewed. The first Pre VTV Forum is held at the Vicente Lopez Convention Center. An agreement with Ecuador is carried out. A treadmill is provided to DOTA


We obtain Certification under ISO 9001: 2015

Leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment. Present in more than 27 countries. 24 years in the market.

REV.01 Validity January 2016


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Contol Vehicular Argentino is a leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment (Vehicle Technical Verification),
with its automotive diagnostic lines, it provides an efficient control tool for 90% of the verification plants in Argentina.