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Petrovisa, created 10 years ago in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Dedicated to the inspection of major road cranes and equipment in that country and to the provision of excellent quality steel cable, slings and debris manufactured in its own facilities, suppliers of supplies and spare parts for oil equipment, with which they supply different places of the world. The year 2009 finds the company in an expansion process, to become the first Bolivian entity in certifications of cranes, heavy equipment and road equipment, for this purpose they recently acquired the CVA diagnostic line - REVOLUTION TRUCK Y EVOLUTION 3, composed of Step Aligner, Suspension Bench, Mobile Extra Heavy Low Frenometer, Gap Detector, Gas Analyzer and Opacimeter, to provide the customer with a fast, accurate and reliable diagnosis.


The Universidad Mayor de San Andres, La Paz-Bolivia, acquired CVA diagnostic equipment for research and future technical review implementation. We were received with great enthusiasm by the members of the University, and without a doubt it was an unprecedented experience for our company.During the day of the visit the new CVA equipment was installed, and I trained in physical concepts of measurement, installation, Calibration, repair. diagnosis, etc All this work together with the University of San Andres honors us and makes us proud. This feeling is the most important capital of our company, uniting knowledge among Latin American countries.

Leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment. Present in more than 27 countries. 24 years in the market.

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Contol Vehicular Argentino is a leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment (Vehicle Technical Verification),
with its automotive diagnostic lines, it provides an efficient control tool for 90% of the verification plants in Argentina.