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The prestigious CANADIAN TIRE automotive services chain with more than 400 of its own stores in Canada, continues to evolve with CVA, to offer its customers the most advanced services related to alignment, suspension and brakes diagnosis. The objective of this company is to be the first to eradicate the feeling of uncertainty that causes us to go to the mechanic, related to the lack of a scientific method to determine whether or not to repair or replace parts of our vehicle. To this end Darin Dullum Manager of our subsidiary in USA -CVA NA-, carried out the launch of the new Evolution 3 in CANADIAN TIRE. The first users of this new technology were extremely happy to take a written report certifying the safety condition of their vehicle.


At the Midas location in Richmond Hill, Toronto, Canada, the first CVA Suspension Diagnostic Bank was installed. This equipment allows to evaluate the condition in which the suspension system components are found. With this tool Midas offers the possibility of knowing whether or not to replace the shock absorbers, or detect problems related to the suspension, and even the possibility of recommending Premium Monroe products, to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding public. In their first steps, and due to the passionate training by (Ted Wittman (Vehicle Inspection Coordinator) - Tenneco Automotive) they managed to make sales in the first week that far exceeded expectations. Welcome Midas, another member of the CVA family

Leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment. Present in more than 27 countries. 24 years in the market.

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Contol Vehicular Argentino is a leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment (Vehicle Technical Verification),
with its automotive diagnostic lines, it provides an efficient control tool for 90% of the verification plants in Argentina.