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Bert´s Auto Part´s important representative of Japanese auto parts (K&B), in Jamaica established a concept of growth through sales with diagnosis, for this purpose it teaches its distributors that diagnosis with CVA equipment improves the relationship of trust with The end customer, because a client who understands is a safer and more satisfied customer, for this purpose through a mobile CVA team, Bert´s Auto Part´s staff will carry out promotion and training campaigns teaching their new technologies .

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Leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment. Present in more than 27 countries. 24 years in the market.

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Martin J Haedo 3940
PDO. Vicente Lopez
Buenos Aires
República Argentina


Contol Vehicular Argentino is a leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment (Vehicle Technical Verification),
with its automotive diagnostic lines, it provides an efficient control tool for 90% of the verification plants in Argentina.