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With 103 years of history. A whole family, together in automotive growth. The Automovil Club Argentino, with its headquarters in Palermo, uses CVA technology to diagnose the cars of ACA members, the equipment called Evolution 3 has the peculiarity of being mobile and of not needing any civil works, it is located on the ground floor in order to provide an alignment-suspension and brake diagnostic service called technical pre-verification, wich is the same as those performed to obtain the Official Technical Verifications, with this service motorists will receive additional help to improve the technical quality of their vehicle and surpass the official technical verification without surprises. Constantino Abella, president of Control Vehicular Argentino, is proud to be next to the Automovil Club Argentino as a supplier in this project, because his great great grandfather Juan Abella, 103 years ago, accompanied as a founding partner Dalmiro Varela Castex, first president of the ACA for the founding of such a prestigious institution. They also have a equipment on the third floor of the same place.

They already have this technology
  • ACA Palermo: dos lineas de diagnóstico, la línea CVA y la línea Evolution 3.

  • ACA Avellaneda.

  • ACA CHECK Mar del Plata.

Leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment. Present in more than 27 countries. 24 years in the market.

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Contol Vehicular Argentino is a leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment (Vehicle Technical Verification),
with its automotive diagnostic lines, it provides an efficient control tool for 90% of the verification plants in Argentina.