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We interviewed Sebastián Soressi, manager of the service department of the company Giorgi Automotores, of Santa Fe, which has Ford dealerships in Rosario and the city of San Nicolás. We ask that you tell us about your experience with CVA products and how the company’s relationship with its customers has improved, through CVA machines.

CVA: ¿How is the relationship of your customers with CVA machines?

Sebastian Soressi: Our customers express different sensations when they see their vehicles interact with CVA machines. With the CVA test line that we have at the entrace of the workshop, they see the professionalism, transparency and commitment with which we work, it also gives them peace of mind knowing that their unit is being reviewed to the highest standards; Finally, they also do not hide the fascination of seeing their Ford pass through the different stages of the test in first person.

The modern 3D CVA aligner gives you the security and confidence of the exact measurements applied to your unit.

CVA: ¿How is the experience for Giorgi Automotores?

SS: All the services provided by CVA machines are in line with what we want from our service: Professionalism, Quality, Transparency and Added Value to the client. The CVA products offer us the professionalism that we seek to provide a hierarchy service that adds value to the Customer’s experience.

CVA: ¿A better customer experience resulted in more sales?

SS: Yes. The CVA machines are top notch, allowing us to achieve jobs with the highest quality standards, this contributes to the loyalty of our Customers, who do not hesitate to visit us for everything related to their vehicle, allowing us to make greater visits to our Workshop.

You can meet Giorgi Automotores in its three branches:

Dirección en Rosario: Avellaneda y Cándido Carballo, Puerto Norte.
Tel: (0341) 410-1000 / Lunes a Viernes de 8 a 19.30 hs. Sábados 8.30 a 13 y 16 a 19 hs.

Dirección en San Nicolás: Pte. Perón 795.
Tel: (0336) 444-3315/444-0972 / Lunes a Viernes de 8 a 19.30 hs. Sábados 8.30 a 12.30 hs.
GIORGI CAMIONES: Autopista Rosario – Bs. As. Km 284, a 5 Km de Rosario.
Tel: (0341) 317 4400.

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