Tool Device

The constant work in the mechanical service has led us to develop a device that meets the needs of the modern mechanic. This device solves the tedious effort of lifting and placing truck tires (suv) increasingly heavy on elevators. Avoiding problems with staff in this way. It is also a powerful assistance center for the mechanic, providing it with an air connection, a state-of-the-art vacuum fluid extraction equipment. It also has a tool holder and shelves designed to facilitate the operation of the current mechanic. It is rotary with wheels with brakes for movement.

Technical data

  • 4 Connection hoses for pneumatic tools with quick coupling on each.
  • Pneumatic piston with anchor to place covers from 13 to 19 ″.
  • Pressure regulators for raising and lowering the pneumatic piston.
  • Bi directional command for pneumatic piston.
  • Pneumatic piston travel: 500 mm up / down.

  • Tool tray for better working disposition.

  • 01 Pressure gauge to monitor pressure.

  • Test speed in seconds: 3.

  • Ability to rotate the top of the cart at an angle of 360 °.

  • Measures of the equipment (1 body) in Mm: 1245x625x835.

  • Net weight: 30 Kg.

  • Gross Weight: 32 Kg

Product detail

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