Technical Service

In order to improve assistance, CVA has designed a REMOTE ASSISTANCE SYSTEM (SAR). The same constant mode to remotely connect your computer to the CVA support computer.

(We will see what you are seeing). This remote assistance service can evaluate problems of a technical nature such as: variable configuration, graph reading, communication anomalies, etc. and repair them remotely thus avoiding per diem costs and delays.

In the commercial area, the remote assistance system allows you to evaluate the way in which the equipment is used, its frequency, reading results and statistics from its database. In this way we can quickly correct the problems detected and advise with our vast experience of what are the corrections to achieve the expected results of these teams, creating a containment assistance against the disorders generated by the incorporation of new technologies. Any change produces fears and resistance, it is the commitment of CVA to accompany our clients in these new ventures.

The SAR system works as follows:

  1. Call 4730-2766/3543 to request remote technical assistance.
  2. You will be given a technical service number for follow-up.
  3. It is essential to connect to the Internet the PC of the CVA equipment to provide remote technical service. (Whitout this condition you cannot be given technical assistance)

To achieve the connection download the TEAM VIEWER program, from the following link:


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Contol Vehicular Argentino is a leader in the manufacture of VTV equipment (Vehicle Technical Verification),
with its automotive diagnostic lines, it provides an efficient control tool for 90% of the verification plants in Argentina.