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With the aim of expanding its product line, and complementing the diagnostic needs of inspection plants, CVA adds the critiques an article example synopsis example systems for the diagnosis of: Emissions in Combustion Vehicles to Naphtha.


DGA 6700 Gas Analyzer The DGA 6700 model offers unmatched precision and performance that surpasses its predecessors. As the gases resulting from the combustion of a naphtero vehicle are not feasible to measure by means of an opacimeter, a system capable of establishing the concentrations of free hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx; optional), as required by international standards. To know the concentrations of HC, CO and CO2, a fixed frequency infrared light source is used.

Since the concentration of the volume of a gas is a function of the amount of molecules of said gas within the sample, the absorption of infrared light increases with the number of gas molecules within the path of light. That is, by increasing the concentration of gases absorbed by infrared light, infrared light transmission decreases. In the case of O2 and NOx electrochemical sensors are used that provide an electrical response proportional to the concentration of the gas sample.

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