Light Mobile Brake Meter

Does not require civil work

It performs a quick and effective check of the condition of the vehicles, accurately measuring the maximum force in Kn braking, on the front and rear axles, the handbrake, the difference of braking forces of the same axle, the disc blade and / or the ovality of hoods. The bench has built-in safety systems, which detect the presence of the vehicle throughout the test, and implements the CVA Roller Blocker System, to facilitate the exit of the brakemeter.

Technical Data

  • Drive motors: 1×4 Kw

  • Maximum load per axle: 4 tons.

  • Maximum width rollers: 2.200 Mm.

  • Minimum width rollers: 780 mm.

  • Test speed: 6 Km. /hour.

  • Delay start.

  • Roller diameter: 160 mm.

  • Roller length: 730mm.

  • Distance between centers: 400mm.

  • Friction coefficient: 0.9; 0.7 (wet).

  • Welded steel coated rollers.

  • Roller protective covers.

  • Torque cell measurement system.

  • Automatic start and stop.

  • Data files and graphics on hard disk

  • Bank dimensions: 2820X665X150.

  • Net bank weight: 280 Kg.

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